WE ARE REOPENINg-may 11th!

To all of our loyal patients,

We hope that you and your family are all well and have enjoyed spending a little more family time together over the last few weeks.

During this the last 6 weeks we have been working hard to get everything ready to open back up and wanted to tell you about some changes you will see once you return. Dentists and dentistry have always been at the cutting edge of cleanliness and disinfection. Currently, the CDC states they have no known transmissions of Covid-19/Coronavirus from a dental office.  Dental offices have always adhered to a set of standards known as Universal Precautions.  This means that we treat every patient as if they may have some sort of infection and so we clean every room, every surface, every chair with strong disinfectants between each patient. All instruments and materials used during patient procedures are either sterilized with hospital grade sterilization systems or thrown away. We wipe down and sanitize the entire office everyday to prevent transmissions and exposure to all infections. Now, because of the possibility that Covid-19 can be transmitted through the air, we have added additional layers of protection for our patients and staff.  

We have spent countless hours over the last few weeks monitoring and studying all of the changes proposed by the CDC, OSHA and ADA for any additional changes that need to be made to keep our patients safe.  For now, the CDC states the primary things we can do to protect our patients, our staff and ourselves is to wear the proper PPE (personal protective equipment) and social distance. Because we care about you and want to do everything we can to protect you and your family, we are introducing new systems to enhance safety for everyone.


•If you have had an appointment anytime in the last six weeks that was cancelled, our office will be calling you to reschedule. If you have an emergency, please call us so that we can make arrangements to see you ASAP. We will be reaching out to everyone starting this Monday, May 11th to begin with this rescheduling process.

•We realize that your dental health is extremely important to your overall health and having your normal 6 month cleaning and exam is a big part of that. We are exploring options to either increase our hours or hiring additional staff to get everyone back on schedule.

• For new patients, all of our paperwork is available on this website, look under the “New Patients” tab at the top of the page. Please fill out all of your paperwork so that when you arrive, you can be taken directly back for treatment. You may also email a copy of your insurance card to us at moormanandlindsey@gmail.com so we can verify your coverage ahead of time.


•For the time being, when you arrive for your appointment, we would like you to wait in your car and call our front desk staff to let us know that you have arrived, (912) 384-7400 .  We will need to ask you some questions about your possible exposure to this Covid-19 virus and be taking your temperature when you arrive using a touchless thermometer. Anyone with a temperature of greater than 100.4º will be asked to reschedule.

For your safety, our staff will also have their temperatures taken daily and go through the same screening process. Our goal is to create a low stress, safe environment for everyone involved in your care from the moment you arrive to the time when you leave. 

•We also want to do what we can to prevent the possible spread of the virus so we are limiting the number of people in our office at this time. If you are an adult, we ask that you do not bring anyone with you to your appointment. If you are bringing a small child or are accompanying an adult who needs additional assistance, please bring a mask for yourself. 

•We have removed some chairs from our waiting room and the remaining seats are spaced at least 6 feet apart for proper social distancing. We have also removed all of the books and magazines. We have additional seating available on our front porch for you to enjoy. 

•We at Moorman, Lindsey and Crawford always strive to see our patients at their appointment time and limit your wait time to be seen. To achieve this, we ask you to please arrive for your appointment at the correct time. 

•Due to the additional PPE we will be wearing and the filtration units in the rooms, the office may be cooler than it has been in the past. It may be a good idea for you to bring a light jacket or blanket with you for your comfort.

•We have also added a new payment machine at the front counter to try and make our checkout process as contactless as possible.


•We have placed medical grade HEPA filtration systems in each room and throughout the office that completely turn over the air in the building multiple times per hour to remove any bacteria or virus particles .1 microns and larger. 

•We have also replaced the filters in our air conditioners with the same high filtration HEPA filters to increase the sanitization of the air in our building.

•Our staff will look different than we have before. All of our staff will now be wearing masks, even our front desk employees. The doctors, assistants and hygienists will be wearing gowns or coats and face shields or safety glasses. 

•To help protect everyone, we will be continuously cleaning our office throughout the day. You may see us cleaning the restroom or waiting room, wiping down chairs and door knobs and countertops.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the office. Thank you again for putting your trust in us for your dental needs. We all realize that dental care is essential and without it, your overall health could be in jeopardy.  

Stay Well,

Dr. Lindsey, Crawford and staff

Moorman, Lindsey and Crawford is a family oriented dental practice with an emphasis on the entire family. Since Guy Moorman, Jr started the practice in 1971, our primary goal has been to provide top quality dental care for a reasonable price. Our practice is dedicated to providing care that allows our patients to achieve a lifetime of optimal dental health.

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Your dental health is extremely important to us. It has been proven that our oral health is directly linked to our overall health and wellbeing. Studies show that poor oral health can have negative consequences to our circulatory and cardiovascular systems, increased complications to diabetics, and increased complications during pregnancy. It is our goal to help you achieve and maintain good oral health to benefit your overall health.

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